What is a Ztar?

The Starr Labs Ztar MIDI Guitar is a fast, reliable MIDI controller designed specifically for guitarists. Short string triggers are provided to capture MIDI velocity and string-muting from every nuance of your right-hand technique whether using fingers or a flatpick.

Starting with these basics, the Ztar offers enhancements that can extend your musical expression. Because the fingerboard is scanned by a fast internal computer, it is possible to also play more than one-note-per-string, our "PolyMode". This allows playing cluster voicings, chords, and other techniques that were formerly in the realm of keyboardists only. When the fully touch-sensitive fingerboard is played in its Tapping Mode an entire world of two-hand performance opens up. There is no more expressive MIDI instrument for the tapping player.

The StringTriggers, while normally used for simply strumming and picking the notes, may also apply simultaneously any MIDI effect such as ModWheel for added variety in your sound. A complement of Expression Pads, Pots, Ribbons, Pedals, and Breath control are often added to the Ztar that open a world of MIDI control. Each Pad, Pot, etc., may be programmed to send 8 separate events whether all together like a chord, all in a timed sequence, latched on/off, or single-stepped. Notes, chords, sequences, MIDI EFX, can easily be summoned and your imagination is the only limit.

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