MIDI Bass Controller

The new ZBass MIDI bass guitar from Starr Labs offers unsurpassed ultra high-speed MIDI control for today’s bass players. The ZBass differs from other guitar synths in that it provides the industry’s only glitch-free, 4-string x 24 fret touch-sensitive keyed-fingerboard; ideal for playing and controlling all aspects of synthesizers, samplers, sound modules, software, and DAWs. Having all of the features of Starr Labs professional line of Ztars, the ZBass will allow bass players to finally jump into the realm of creative MIDI control, and expanded performance capability! (Oh yeah, we forgot to mention the ZBass comes with a wood neck-stock!)


Being truly polyphonic, the ZBass can simultaneously play multiple notes per-string per fret. The cutting edge touch-sensing keyed-fingerboard has been developed with 32 separate programmable zones, each with its own channel, voice, transposition, tuning, hammer-ons and sensitivity settings. The strings have programmable tunings, and each key on the entire fingerboard may be tuned independently as well. The embedded arpeggiator as well as the programmable chording system may be assigned to separate fingerboard zones, layers and/or frets . This fingerboard system is highly suited to Drum mapping when percussion or loop playback is called for, or composition when accompanying chords are needed.



  • 4 Velocity-sensitive String Triggers
  • 4-Way programmable Joysitck
  • Wood neck-stock
  • Unlimited string and finger board tunings
  • 32 Mappable Zones
  • Programmable Chording System
  • Arpeggiator
  • Sequencer
  • Volume Pedal Port
  • Sustain Pedal Port
  • MIDI and USB i/o
  • Power Supply

Legacy Product (Support Only)