Microzone U-990

Microzone U-990

MIDI Keyboard

The Wilson 990 Generalized Keyboard is one of the world’s largest Array or Matrix keyboards. With it’s huge array of 810 keys, The “U-990″ is designed so that a musician may create any variety of tonal systems, fingering systems, and divisions of the octave within the world of MIDI. This works well within microtonal music where a large array is needed for each octave, or with Western 12-tone music where several independent keyboards can be set up on a single set of hardware. The intent is to allow the user to define any arrangement, or multiple arrangements, of notes and fingerings which seem to be musically applicable to their situation at hand.


The “990″ can be mapped as a single large keyboard implementing a single, complex tuning map, or several smaller keyboards, each implementing its own tuning or channel map. This way, areas of keys may be defined to hold just certain notes for various compositional effects, eliminating the need to always think “pianistically” for every musical phrase.  The key-action itself has a short travel and is designed to be very quick to the touch with a full dynamic range. Glissandi in either direction are easily performed.  The “990″ is completely MIDI compatible. No onboard voice module is currently supplied. Our initial tuning software will be geared toward the Kurzweil K2000. The Zoning/Layering utility allows the assignment of unique voices as well as other performance parameters to arbitrary blocks of keys. These ZONES may be non-contiguous groups of keys in any shape including “islands”, “donuts”. Tuning systems and fingerings may be created on the keyboard through the use of “KEYMAPS”. A Keymap is a picture of the entire keyboard with a MIDI note/channel assignment for each key. 30 programmable Keymaps are provided. Multiple Keymaps may be active on the keyboard at any time. The U990 (9 ranks of 90 keys).

Check out composer Stephen Taylor’s video using the U-990 in a nice microtonal piece  here!

Legacy Product (Support Only)