Clipper DX

Clipper DX

Clip-based Live Interactive Performance Controller

Clipper DX Clipper DX

The Clipper DX is a full-color LED MIDI fingerboard controller. An RGB LED is placed under each touch-sensitive key and can be lit interactively from an external computer or from the fingerboard itself via velocity or other MIDI messages. Ableton Live session control, animations, text, images, zones, and more! Check out our videos and the user manual to see the various uses  for the Clipper and its full command set.

Each Ztar Clipper is built to order and requires a 3-4 week lead time.

Below are the available manuals for this product:

Clipper User Manual R1-1.PDF
Below are the available apps for this product:

LED Fingerboard Controller
Price: $1,995.00

Build Station

Build your custom Ztar by selecting the options you want for the list below. More information is available for each option in the tab marked "Information on Available Options" located at the top of the box to the left

Add-on Options:

Also available as a neck fingerboard upgrade for the following Ztar instruments:
Z6 Series
Mini-Z Series