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Our software section provides you with the latest Sysex Files, Drivers, OS Updates, etc... Please choose one of the following sections to help you locate software.

Here you can download an entire factory preset/song sysex file, individual preset/song sysex files, and Ableton Live set ups and layouts.

Here you can find our latest software drivers needed for connecting Starr Labs products to your PC or Macintosh computer.

OS Updates
Here you will find the Starr Labs OS downloader application and current Operating Systems for each of the Starr Labs MIDI controllers using our current CPU hardware.

Patch Editor
Here you can download the latest version of Starr Labs Patch Editor software.

*We do NOT have nor support USB drivers for Windows 7 or Vista 64. Please check if your audio interface has built-in MIDI i/o and connect with MIDI cables, OR, use an external MIDI to USB conversion cable. We are currently in the final phase of develpoment in making all of our instruments class compliant.