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Title: Learning the Ztar
Description: Learning the Ztar document is a discussion on synths, new controllers and tapping.
File: zpc2_-learningztar.pdf
Size: 41 kB

Title: Using Multi-Harp Features
Description: Details on using the Multi-Harp features to play chords.
File: usingmulti-harpzpc.pdf
Size: 20 kB

Title: Ztar Accessories
Description: Ztar Accessories includes additional information on fun tricks not mentioned in other documetns. Focus is on the TCA-1 Trigger Cap with Recording Chords, optional Breath Controller Setup, and Pedals.
File: zpc2_-accessories.pdf
Size: 25 kB

Title: Ztar Curves Tutorial
Description: Ztar Curves Tutorial describes how to set the response curve for a sensor using the Curve-edit menu.
File: ztarzpccurvestutorial.pdf
Size: 12 kB

Title: Ztar Getting Started
Description: Ztar Getting Started document covers basic instrument layout, powering up, connections, and basic operation. Additional information includes User Interface/Menus, Hot/Function Keys, and Sensor Hardware.
File: zpc2_getting-started.pdf
Size: 102 kB

Title: Ztar Quickstart Guide
Description: Ztar Quickstart Guide covers getting started and the basic layout of the instrument. Additional information features Basic Performance Setup and the optional Ztar Embedded RF Transceiver Instructions.
File: ztar-quickstart-guide.pdf
Size: 38 kB

Title: Ztar Tips and Tricks
Description:Ztar Tips and Tricks document includes information about triggers, the joystick, the edit menu system, using the sustain pedal, octave and patch keys, and string assembly sensitivity and adjustment.
File: zpc2_tips_and_tricks.pdf
Size: 22 kB

Title: Ztar Trigger Cap Option (TCA-1)
Description: Ztar Trigger Cap Assembly ExpressionPad Option document includes information about tricks using the TCA-1.
File: ztar-trigger-cap-assembly-expressionpad-option.pdf
Size: 16 kB