MIDI Keyboard


Our G-Board is that same as our Z-Board series with the key difference being that the keys, rather than using the black/white color code from the piano, has the standard fretmarks of a guitar or bass.


The instrument plays with unlimited polyphony, limited only by the synth module or computer at the other end of the MIDI (or USB) cable. There are a variety of Zoning features that allow the fingerboard to be mapped with different MIDI channels, transpositions, and response curves. Each key on the keyboard is actually fully programmable for note and MIDI channel, and therefore is not limited to the tunings shown here.


The G-Board is also equipped with programmable Continuous Control devices including (4) rotary pots, a ribbon controller, Sustain Pedal and Volume Pedal jacks. Breath control, USB and wireless are a available options (please call to order custom and special options).




  • 4 Programmable rotary pots
  • 4-way programmable joystick
  • 5” Ribbon Controller
  • Sustain and Volume Pedal ports
  • USB port
  • OnBoard Synth card optional.
  • Power Supply Included (9VDC @ 500mA)


Dimensions: 33” x 8” x 2”. 9 lbs.

Legacy Product (Support Only)